Life-form Type: humanoid
Homeworld: Xiati Prime
Government: Xiati Empire

Xiati-Primates are members of the multi-species Xiati race.


Like all Xiati species, the primates have distinctive ridges on their cheekbones and foreheads.


The Primates are seen as honest and trustworthy by other Xiati and races. However, they are not seen as being very resilient.

They are also considered to be the most intellectual species of Xiati.

The Primates have a well organized and developed society. Great effort is taken to design communities in such a way as to be efficient, with all the population having access to as many amenities as possible.

All Primate living spaces have 2 distinct areas. First is that for the owner and his family. This includes kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, common area and any other rooms for the combined family to use. Next is the reception area. This is the only part of the house where outsiders, non-primates are ever allowed. It will have its own bathroom and may include a dining and common room as well.

In colonies or households where the available space does not allow for this distinction then an outdoor area will be set aside for it or they will simply meet with the non-primate at a local park, dining establishment or other facility.

Non-Primates are never allowed with in the home proper.


Like the other races, the Primates worship deities known as the Guardians.