Life-form Type: Marsupial
Homeworld: Xiati Prime
Government: Xiati Empire

Xiati-Arboreals are members of the multi-species Xiati race.


In appearance, Arboreals were covered with hair (at least their hands and heads were) and had long, sharp fingernails, dark eyes, and a ridge running from their noses to the back of their heads.

Arboreals had a dislike and perhaps even a fear of water. However, they did drink beverages. Arboreals were considered to be lethargic by the other Xiati species. They were also extremely calm, even when taken hostage.


Arboreals often wear belts as a sign of rank.

They have an idyllic society with peaceful, hard working citizens going about their business. Family is important and so is the community. Individuals will help out others who need it. Crime is almost unheard of unless it is committed by one of the other Xiati species.

They enjoy most art forms but lean towards soft, gentle melodies in their music. The visual arts need to be good representations of nature and the environment around them.


Like the other races, the Arboreals worship deities known as the Guardians.